Welcome to MarkOHarps!

This is Mark Owen Martin, harpist/composer.   My specialty is chamber music that includes harp.

I am currently working on a production of my chamber opera “Sweeter Than Roses” which is an homage to Mr. Henry Purcell.   It is scored for low tenor, soprano (or countertenor/male soprano), mute, Baroque Cello, and concert harp.   If you would like to read the synopsis, click on Sweeter Than Roses in the header.

If you would like to attend the premiere performance of “Sweeter Than Roses”, please leave a reply/comment (below) with your name, email address, number of seats to reserve and if you would prefer Friday, March 22 or Saturday, March 23.

All performances begin at 8 pm and the show runs a little over an hour.

Tickets are $15 cash at the door and the theater is general seating.   The production will be at The Lab at Convergence at 1819 Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Va.

Cast includes Elizabeth Winn, soprano, Michael Schlesinger, tenor, Jacob Wittenauer, mute, Daniel Daugherty-Weiss, baroque cello, and myself at the concert harp.

I play the Lyon & Healy Series 100 Concert Grand harp.

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