Booking a Harpist

Are you interested in hiring a harpist for your wedding, reception, dinner party, or memorial service?   All of my instruments are fitted out for amplification and I have a speaker or can use your PA system,

Please email me at so we can discuss a special program to match your needs.    We can tailor a repertoire that is uniquely suited for your event.   Additionally, for weddings I offer the service of creating an original composition for the event.   I will present a signed, printed copy (framed) the day of the event.

Fees: We will create a fee that reflects the size and duration of your event.   Typically, these fees range from $150 for a small 45 minute dinner party to $350 for a large wedding and reception.

Repertoire: I have a large collections of pieces that I perform at events including Medieval, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, sacred, popular, Broadway, and modern.

Location: I work in the DC area as well as central West Virginia.   I have played outdoors and we can usually make this work but it is not always ideal.   Two of my harps can my moved up stairs but the large concert grand can not.   We can usually work all of this out.

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